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The easy-to-use, flexible and open-source podcast manager for Android

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Download and Streaming

Automatic download of new episodes and playback with variable speed using the Presto Sound Library or Prestissimo

RSS and Atom Feeds

Password protected feeds and episodes.

OPML Import and Export

For saving all of your subscriptions.

Flattr integration

Automatically put a coin in the hat! integration is a libre web service that allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions and discover new content.


Chapter marks in MP3 and VorbisComment as well as Simple Chapters and Paged Feeds

More cool features include:

Player homescreen widget Search ChromeCast support Sleep timer Automatic feed update Advanced download settings Streaming


Others about AntennaPod

"Fazit: Praktische Podcast-App ohne Schnickschnack"
"This open source app includes all the features you love and none of the crap you don’t."
"That's a pretty impressive list right out of the gate."

Antennapod was created by Daniel Oeh and released under the MIT License.
It is currently maintained by volunteers. Wanna help? Join us on GitHub!

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