AntennaPod is a podcast player, completely free and respectful of your privacy. It’s created by volunteers throughout the world without any commercial interest. Together we contribute to an open podcasting ecosystem. So that you get to enjoy the web’s best audio content.

Simple, but feature packed

There’s so many cool things to do in the world, and so many things in life to worry about. So you don’t want to spend time figuring out how this thing works. Instead, you want to get started with finding and listening great content. And you want to be able to organise content, speed up or slow down playback and automate downloading and deletion. That’s why we want AntennaPod to be simple to use, while giving you full control over your listening experience.

In that context, we realise that every option we add means a choice not made. And a choice not made, is a decision that we push to the end-user. (Here’s a great blog post on why developers shouldn’t do that lightly.) We promise to do our best to make those decisions that create a great experience. Because - did you decide yet what you’re going to eat tonight?

At the same time: don’t worry. We are open to introducing new features, options or preferences. And we have previously introduced these after popular demand, especially when there was a case to make for offering our users flexibility. So if you’ve got your own idea, feel free to share your feature request on our forum!

Open Source and free of ads

Like other great software such as Firefox and Signal, AntennaPod is open source. This means anyone can inspect and contribute to the code behind the app. And that AntennaPod is available in the open source and privacy-friendly F-Droid app store.

That way, you can rest assured (or check for yourself) that there’s no shady data collection going on. And because AntennaPod is created by volunteers, we don’t need advertisers that bother you while navigating the app.

Keeping the podcasting ecosystem open

We stand for an open podcasting ecosystem. An ecosystem that

  • supports free speech,
  • rewards podcasters for their creative work,
  • spares listeners from inaccessible content in walled gardens, and
  • allows users to use and switch between apps without vendor lock-in.

In practice, this means you can subscribe to any RSS feed that’s out there, that we make it easy for you to (financially) support podcasters, and that you can synchronise, import and export your data.

We hear you: community & accessibility

AntennaPod pushes the content in your ears, but we like to hear from you as well! Our community is open to your feedback and your thoughts. As humans we can disagree, but do so respectfully. And we do our best to make the app friendly for everyone. That’s why it is possible to hide automatic suggestions and easy to navigate around the app through TalkBack.

Est. 2011: the AntennaPod project today

The first bit of code of AntennaPod was published in 2011 by Daniel Oeh, the original creator of AntennaPod. Since then, the app has improved and our community grown.

Today, AntennaPod brings together a large community of podcast addicts and open source enthusiasts. The app is installed on over 180,000 active devices (a phone or tablet that’s been turned on at least once the past 30 days) via Google play. And we suspect thousands of users have installed the app via F-Droid, the privacy-friendly app store.

The whole project is maintained by a loose collective of volunteers from around the world. There is no official organisation behind it. There are about 3 people who regularly contribute code, with many more chipping in on an occasional basis. Our forum has over 190 members and each month has well over 300 visitors. The project is currently lead by @ByteHamster and @Keunes.

We are happy to have or welcome you as a user. If you have any questions you are more than welcome on our forum. Our community is happy to help. And check out the ways you can contribute if you want to give something back to this awesome project!