Version 2.0.0 is a big step forward for AntennaPod. We rewrote big parts of the user interface, added tons of new features and fixed bugs.

  • Brand new user interface (by @ByteHamster)
    We got rid of unnecessary icons and unnecessary whitespace. You can now see more podcast episodes on your screen and it looks more tidy. Don’t worry - AntennaPod still has the same feel and the way you interact with the app has not changed. It just looks more polished!
  • Support for chapter images (by @ByteHamster)
    When loading new episodes of a podcast, AntennaPod now supports displaying chapter images. Just play an episode that supports images, head over to the chapters tab on the player screen and have a look!
  • Skip intro and ending per feed (by @tonytamsf)
    The option is located in feed settings, which you can get to by pressing the cogwheel icon on the feed page.
  • Option to show notifications after episodes have been auto-downloaded (by @shortspider)
    This is one step into the direction of our most requested feature: being notified for new episodes.
  • Bug fixes and improvements (by @ebraminio, @tonytamsf, @JessieVela, @ByteHamster and more)
    We have fixed too many things to list them all. They include things like better support for right-to-left languages or fixes when jumping to positions in an episode.

You can see the full, huge list of changes on our development platform, GitHub.

As of writing this, version 2.0.0 is rolled out to 100% of the Google Play users. At the same time, the first beta release of version 2.1.0 is rolled out to our beta testers. AntennaPod is developed by volunteers in our free-time. If you like AntennaPod and want to give something back to the community, consider contributing by helping other users in the forum, translating or by writing code.