AntennaPod relies on free publicity, word-of-mouth, and a modest social media presence for its promotion. We know there’s room for improvement. And you might have thought that as well. Why not help us grow bigger? Your contribution in any of the following areas will be much appreciated.

  • Press Know an interesting website, podcast or magazine that might cover AntennaPod? Then help us build a list media to reach out to with important messages.
  • Social media Happy to think of new hooks to talk about the project, and draft concise & creative messages every now & then? Help engage with a wider audience on Twitter & Mastodon.
  • Blog Interested in writing about new app features, the AntennaPod project or an open podcasting ecosystem in general? Help us maintain our blog.
  • Graphics design Feeling comfortable with (digital) pen & ink? Then help us spice up our website, social media presence and other promotional materials.
  • Everything else Do you have other great ideas to promote the project? Get in touch and share them with us.

Get in touch

Vaguely interested but not sure yet? Ready to get started? Get in touch with @Keunes on our forum! To get an idea of our current materials, you can also check out our Twitter feed, our blog and the Branding repository on GitHub.