The old AntennaPod website was pretty basic. Its FAQ section was outdated and did not follow the design of the rest of the page. Additionally, the FAQ page was linked nowhere – if you did not know where to look, you did not find it. Links to platforms for contribution (GitHub for development, Transifex for translations and the forum) were hidden in a small footer menu. The website highlighted a few features but it did not describe how to use them. Additionally, the website was a plain html file, making it rather hard to update. You can find the old website on the internet archive.

After noticing the awesome redesign of the website of K-9 Mail (open-source email app), I reached out to the designer of that website, Anxhelo Lushka. Anxhelo offered to create a brand new website, specifically for AntennaPod! You are currently looking at our new website. It has more features, like a documentation section and a blog. The website is not completely finished yet. If you discover problems, just let us know on the forum!