We are happy to announce version 2.1.0 of AntennaPod.

  • A long-standing wish of many: playing local files! In the ‘Add podcast’ screen simply tap ‘Add local folder’ and select a location on your phone! (by @ByteHamster, @igoralmeida & @damoasda)
  • Pick a country for the ‘Discover’ screen (by @tonytamsf)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (by @asdoi)
  • Search the PodcastIndex.org database (by @edwinhere)
  • Pull to refresh (by @asdoi)
  • Playback speed & filter dialogs (by @ByteHamster & @bws9000)
  • Smooth sleep timer volume (by @olivoto)

AntennaPod is developed by volunteers in our free-time. If you like AntennaPod and want to give something back to the community, consider contributing by helping other users in the forum, translating or by writing code.