We’ve all been there: a podcast you loved and spent many hours listening to is finally over. Understandably, you might be tempted to just remove it and move on. After all, who doesn’t want to keep their subscription list neat, tidy and quick to refresh?

However, it doesn’t have to be that way (unless you want it, of course): AntennaPod allows you to keep track of your past listens while still keeping things organised and efficient for your daily use - that is, it allows you to create your very own podcast archive. Let’s see how you can do that in three simple steps.

Step no. 1: switch off those updates

Where to find the settings described in Steps no. 1 and 2.

As you don’t expect new episodes to be published anymore for this podcast, you can safely disable its “Keep updated” setting. That way, AntennaPod will refresh your subscriptions faster, as it will only do so for active ones.

If you aren’t sure whether new episodes will be published, you can still refresh this podcast manually (by swiping down on that podcast’s screen or by using the refresh icon on the same screen), or toggle back the “Keep updated” setting at any time.

Step no. 2: assign a tag

From that same Podcast settings screen, or from your Subscriptions screen, edit the tags for this podcast, adding one named “Archive”.

Step no. 3: off to the archive you go!

As a final step, deselect the “Show in main list” checkbox on the Tags dialog to hide this podcast from the list that is displayed on your Subscriptions screen.

How to assign tags and show/hide podcasts from the main list.

Wait, does that mean…

Yes, you got it! You can create one large archive or even several ones divided by topic, publisher, language, frequency… you name it! You can also assign multiple tags to the same podcast. And of course, you can use tags just as well to organise your active subscriptions, not just your archive.

Keeping old subscriptions also has an additional benefit: it ensures that your listening statistics remain accurate, as removed subscriptions are not counted.

What if I wanted to unarchive a podcast?

Your favourite podcast is back in action? To unarchive it, just edit its tags and (re)select the “Show in main list” checkbox. If you haven’t already, you may also need to toggle back its “Keep updated” setting to follow your global settings.

This post is part of a series highlighting some of AntennaPod’s new and existing features. Do you have any feedback on the features described in this post? Or perhaps you want to show us how you are making the most of them? Please let us know via the forum.

Photo by Valeriia Svitlini.