As a community project, AntennaPod relies on voluntary code contributions from a wide range of people. Not just for the app itself, but also the website and related projects.

1. App (Java)

You’re right at it: the core of the project! Used by thousands of people across the world, your contributions are an important contribution to an open podcasting ecosystem. So, are you experienced with Java, or just getting started? We welcome your contributions in our GitHub repository.

Where we need help

There’s a few areas where we could well use your support. Because they’re important, often-requested, or both. We’ve set up a clear overview of the issues and feature areas we most need help with. Get yourself into any of the following issues and we’ll add you to our (mental) list for eternal gratitude!

Apart from these major projects, you can always check out the issues with the ‘help wanted’ label on GitHub.

If you prefer bug-hunting, your go-to list for a weekend bug-hunt is the ‘confirmed bugs’ issue label on GitHub.

Getting started

Before Please don’t just submit a PR, but always announce your interest first. Sometimes we didn’t yet reach an agreement on a user experience and interface. It can happen that someone agreed to start working on something, but we forgot to ‘assign’ the GitHub issue. Chipping in on our forum is the best way to avoid lost hours on code that won’t be accepted.

During Have a look at our wiki; it contains handy info for contributors. You’ll find there, for example, information about the project’s code style and can learn how to make sure you get accredited for your work in the app. Last but not least: build instructions and info about debug logs.

After Talk about your work, and claim that fame! It might inspire other potential contributors, and helps promote the app generally. We’re happy to retweet your tweets!

2. Website (SCSS, HTML)

The base of our new website was kindly built by Anxhelo. Now we’re ready to expand! Are you familiar with Jekyll? Then help us implement (parts of) our website wishlist and check out our website repository now.

3. Upstream & other projects

AntennaPod doesn’t live in isolation. The project relies on many others - contributing to those means helping AntennaPod thrive:

  • Nextcloud Podcast app (Vue, PHP, Javascript) December 2020 Jonas Heinrich created the Nextcloud Podcast app. It already is a great way to subscribe and listen to your podcasts online, in a self-hosted environment. Its further development and integration with AntennaPod would be a very welcome addition.
  • (Python, HTML) The long-standing and libre project allows users to connect and synchronise their podcast players. Unfortunately the project is a victim of its own success: the webserver often being unavailable and AntennaPod users see sync errors. Any support to the project and its maintainers is welcome, in particular with this API issue.

Get in touch!

Vaguely interested but not sure yet? Ready to get started? Get in touch with @Keunes or @ByteHamster on our forum!