Getting started

Welcome to AntennaPod! Below, you can find some details on how to get started with AntennaPod.

First, you want to subscribe to a podcast. You can find more about that here. After subscribing, new episodes are shown in the Inbox. There you can decide if you actually like to listen to them or not. If an episode is in the inbox, it means that you have not yet decided what to do with the episode.

  • If you are not interested in an episode, just swipe it away to remove it from the inbox. The episode still stays marked as unplayed and you can find it on the Episodes page, as well as on the podcast’s page.
  • If you are interested in the episode, you can do one of two things, depending on your listening behavior.
    • Download the episode. When downloading, AntennaPod also automatically adds the episode to the queue and removes it from the inbox. There is a setting if you want new episodes to be enqueued in the back, front or after the currently playing episode. Downloading is the main way AntennaPod was originally designed to be used but as streaming is becoming more and more popular, you can also use the second option.
    • Just add the episode to the queue. AntennaPod automatically removes it from the inbox and inserts it into the queue. You can later directly play the episode without having to download, so it does not take up space. Think: Streaming like videos on YouTube. The disadvantage is that it will not be available offline, uses up your mobile data connection when you are on the run, and makes fast forwarding a little bit slower.
  • If you are done playing, AntennaPod marks the episode as played and removes it from the queue. There is a setting to also automatically delete the download after playing. You can find a list of all episodes that are still downloaded to your device (whether they are in the queue or not) on the Downloads page.
  • If you like an episode and are thinking about listening to it again, you can also mark it as favorite. You can filter the Episodes page to show only your favorites and (by default) AntennaPod will not delete favorites after playing.

In case you are subscribed to a really great podcast where you know from the beginning that all episodes will be great, you can use the auto-download feature. When enabled for a podcast, all of its future new episodes are automatically downloaded and added to the queue. They will automatically be removed from the inbox as soon as they are downloaded.