Modernizing the AntennaPod Code Structure

How we spent the last 3 years restructuring the AntennaPod code base.

Publicado el may 12, 2024

Migrating from Google Podcasts to AntennaPod: why and how to do it

Other apps might come and go, but AntennaPod is always by your side!

Publicado el nov 26, 2023

Curating your personal podcast archive with AntennaPod 🗃

Your favourite podcast is over? No need to part ways with it!

Publicado el sep 27, 2023

Welcome Home! 🏠 Introducing AntennaPod’s new default screen

Let's show you your new home — one of the main new features in AntennaPod 3.0.

Publicado el may 8, 2023

We're looking for a translations coordinator!

AntennaPod already is available in many languages. Will you bring us to the next level?

Publicado el oct 27, 2022

A new way to catch up on the latest episodes

Version 2.7, released today, introduces the Inbox!

Publicado el oct 11, 2022

2.5 release

We just released version AntennaPod version 2.5. Key feature? More synchronisation options!

Publicado el mar 17, 2022

Let's translate this space!

How and why we made the website translatable

Publicado el ene 4, 2022

2021 Recap

What happened in the AntennaPod project in 2021

Publicado el dic 30, 2021

2.3.0 release

We just released version 2.3.0 of AntennaPod

Publicado el jul 22, 2021

Forum Anniversary

Celebrating the first year of the AntennaPod forum

Publicado el jun 1, 2021

2.2.0 release

We just released version 2.2.0 of AntennaPod

Publicado el may 9, 2021

2.1.0 release

We just released version 2.1.0 of AntennaPod

Publicado el dic 13, 2020

New website

We have a new, modern website!

Publicado el dic 6, 2020

2.0.0 release

We just released version 2.0.0 of AntennaPod

Publicado el sep 8, 2020

New icon

Announcing the poll results and our new icon

Publicado el sep 4, 2020

Getting to a new icon

Starting the process to get to a new icon

Publicado el jun 4, 2020

Supporting old Android versions

Supporting old Android versions is hard

Publicado el may 29, 2020