Download or feed refresh error

Do you get a notification saying that downloads completed with errors? Then AntennaPod could not refresh the podcast or download an audio file from the website of the podcast hoster.

Issues that only occur with one or a few specific podcasts are often related to those podcasts. To confirm if this is the case, you can follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the notification to open the Download Log
  2. Tap on the specific log entry with the error
  3. Long-press on the URL that is displayed, and copy or open it in your web browser

If the URL doesn’t work in the browser either, this means that it is not a problem with AntennaPod. If you get the error message consistently then the podcast has likely been moved, taken off-line or is not properly configured. In this case, please contact the podcast creators (as this cannot be fixed at our end).

Does the error message in the Download log say “Failed to connect to [url]”? Then this probably means that there is interference on your network. If you have an ad-blocker, VPN, captive portal, proxy, privacy guard, special DNS service, or parental control set up on your phone, you can try turning these off.

Do you see an error message like “not well-formed (invalid token)”? Then the publisher messed up their (RSS) feed. (For example, they might have used a plain &-sign rather than encoding it as &.) Please contact the publisher directly, as this cannot be fixed at our end.

If you can’t pinpoint the issue, please copy the error message via the Copy-button and share it on our forum. Our community will happily have a look to find out the exact cause!