I found a typo or spelling mistake

Did you find a spelling mistake, or something that sounds odd? It’s always possible that we made a mistake in English (in which we make the app & website), or that something has not been translated correctly. Luckily these issues are often easily fixed.

Do you want to fix it yourself?

If the issue is in any other language than English, you can update app translations on Transifex. Issue with the website translations can be fixed on Weblate. You can find more information in our Contribute section.

Is the issue with the English texts? Then you will need to be or get familiar with GitHub. You can send a Pull Request for the app or for the website.

Do you just want to inform us?

You can create a post in the translations section on our forum. To do so you need to create an account (if you don’t have one already) or simply log in via Google.